samsung foldable phone prototype finally revealed with infinity flex display.

Samsung foldable phone comes with a side 4.58 inch & another side 7.3inch display

Samsung has shown the prototype of the foldable phone in the Developer Conference 2018 in California. The foldable phone design is hidden by the thick case. The company focused on displaying smaller foldable displays on one side and a large display on the other. Production of this phone will begin next month. First 1 million units will produce. Samsung fans are waiting for getting this phone in hand. This Korean company is working to invent the rollable and stretchable display.

Samsung has named the foldable display of this phone as Infinity Flex display. You can easily fold and unfold this mobile because of the new display panel. This display is made using composite polymers and “this display is flexible and tough”.

Samsung foldable phone comes with a side 4.58 inch & another side 7.3inch display
samsung foldable phone

Samsung foldable phone small Display will have a 4.58 (840 x 1,960 pixels) inch display, 420ppi pixel density. This phone Aspect ratio is 21: 9. On the other side, the larger and unfolded 7.3 (1,536 x 2,152 pixels) inch display, 420ppi pixel density, and 4.2:3 aspect ratio. This phone’s specification has not yet been announce. However, it is hope that more information about Final Product will be available in Mobile World Congress 2019 in February.

Samsung said the users can access the same apps on both fold and unfold screens. The continuity function is the most notable feature of this phone. This function will help users to open an app on an external 4.58-inch display and then use it on the big 7.3-inch panel as “intuitive, steady experience”.

Samsung has developed a new UI for the better user experience on this phone. The user can run three apps at one time because of the new UI.

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